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  Live Better: The Post-Apocalyptic Gourmet

Cooking is a life skill and a survival skill for any scenario. Having food stored will give you a feeling of security, but cooking skills will help you truly enjoy that security after the going gets tough.

In the best of times, cooking from your supply of storage food will provide you with convenient meals that are tastier and healthier than TV dinners and fast food (and the constant rotation through use will keep it fresh). But our larger goal is to help you live on your own terms, to integrate preparedness with a better quality of life. And to us that means giving you the tools and know-how to take your sensible food stores into the realm of fine dining.

Both of us are longtime preppers, campers, and travelers, and we’ve tried all manner of unpleasant, packaged, “shelf-stable” foods marketed to people like us. While there are some excellent ready-made foods on the market, the most rewarding and economical path is to apply simple cooking skills to simple ingredients yourself. In Food Storage Feast, we’ll show you how.

The beauty of a food storage plan lies in its universal usefulness, regardless of what turn your life takes. The same stored food that will get you through a job loss will be edible on the day of Armageddon. And if life goes on beautifully, as we all hope it will, then you can barter with it, give it to someone in need, or, as the great poet Alfred Yankovic once exhorted a fussy young man, you can “Just eat it.”

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