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  Welcome to the Free Mini-Course

Welcome to the Food Storage Feast mini-course!

Food Storage Feast is your inspiration to create delicious, healthy, inexpensive meals using basic food storage items such as grains, beans, canned and freeze-dried goods, and condiments. We’ll teach you to use these, paired with game you hunt, and garden-grown and local produce, to create beautiful meals all year long, in good times and bad.

The mini-course is a free taste of the wealth and breadth of the full Food Storage Feast Course. We continue to add to the course, and won't stop until it's the magnum opus of storage food cooking.

Enroll in the full Food Storage Feast course to get access to dozens more recipe videos, plus exclusives on food selection, specific ingredients, recommended kitchen equipment, pantry lists, and more, that will help you refine your food storage plan and lock in food security for your family.